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January 23, 2014 by aderenczau

The mark of a new semester marks the start of new faces behind the anchor desks at Eagle Eye TV. Starting Tuesday, students had the chance to sign up and try their hand at anchoring for the semester. Students signed up for either news, sports, AU Insider (entertainment) or In the Jungle (comedy show). The process entailed the students reading a sample script from the shows that they signed up for. The organizations room in the Student Center saw some new faces eager to get involved try out, but some Eagle Eye veterans came back to sign on for another semester of anchoring. This is surely an exciting time for the organization because it continues to spread the word of the organization, but it also shows how blessed Auburn students to have this opportunity. I can assure you that when one of the fresh faces called home to check in with their family, they weren’t expecting their child to say that they did some news anchoring. Pretty interesting huh? I will continue to keep you in the loop of what Eagle Eye turns out this semester. Based on the tryouts, I can tell this will be a great semester.


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